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Inspiring and Motivated words from the clients

I am the student of Thirunavaya Moose. Moose does not normally read pulse. But, at times, when there is any doubt, he does so pulse reading. And, he prescribes Kashaya. The next time when the patient comes, I have personally experienced and seen that the patient is cured. But, how it is done, or, to impart the knowledge or the science in it...they did not have the heart to it. Anyway, what Dr. Shaji has said right now, can be done only through "tapas". It is not easy. Now, I tried to read the pulse of Jayakrishnan. Initiallly, I did not get any...but, then i found it. And, I felt that I got the pulse of pitha...because, I am getting more in pitha. There is need to learn more about this now...and to test it in our patients. One positive thing that we need to see here is that, as Shaji said, if we seek to check whether Shaji is an expert in this field, we will be the losers. Shaji does not have anything to lose. It is like going to an astrologer and asking him about his credentials. What will happen is that he will get his money and we will lose our time. My feeling is that, we should implement the experiences of Shaji and his teaching in practice. This is a very big experience for me and no amount of thanks to Shaji will be enough. It was really a big experience. Actually, I feel sad time has been wasted till now. I should have learnt about this long back. Actually, when I was invited, I had second thoughts about it. In fact, I even discouraged the program. Only because of the pressure did I accept to attend. Now, I can assure you that it would have been a huge loss if I had not come here today. This will be a big advantage to medical science, because, lacs are being spent on diagnostic tools. So, if diagnosis can be done through pulse reading, it would be a huge asset to Ayurveda. This is a crude science and to handle it is difficult. Concentration and a strong belief is essential. Quite often, there is a chance of mis-diagnosis. Shaji, I think from 1992, for 15 long years has...with great trouble, learnt and become an expert in this science. And, I am very thankful to him for having shared his knowledge with us. This is all I have to say. Thank you.

I feel this is a very effective method. As a person associated with the science of Ayurveda, I would like to mention that the main problem today is that there is no pulse reading. And, even if there is, it is not scientific and hence not effective. Our ansestors have given us the scientific way of knowing the minutest details of every moment in the body through pulse reading...like Janakan and Susruthan. But, over time, the scientifiic method was lost. To revive it is what is happening. Actually, i feel this is more like a boon...the coming of Dr. Shaji is. I feel there should be a continuity in this...because, time to time, we have lots of doubts about this. Finding and identifying the entire matter. So, I really feel that a continuity is a must in this. Let this be a major footstep in the subject. I pray God to give his blessings for this program to develop and improve in the time to come. I strongly believe that with His blessings, this will grow greater heights. Namaste.

Vinod Kotayil is what I am known as. Am the chief editor of a magazine called Mentor Magazine...am not a doctor. I came to this class through my friend, Kalesh with whom I discussed about this. Since I am not a doctor, I will not be able to say a lot about the intrinsics. But, it was an amazing knowledge. Because, to know about the traditional richness in our culture, especially in this age when science is developing day by day. And, as others said, this is a science which is getting eroded...and to get rejuvenated by such people is a great thing. I have a feeling that this should get more awareness among many. Am sure that more such classes can be conducted with the initiative of Mentor. I remember, long back, Lada Vaidyas from Andra used to do Nadi reading. Ten years back I had a personal experience with these people. It was an amazing experience. Having gained knowledge about this science is a great thing. I feel such classes should be conducted more. Thank you.

I feel there is a big difference in the way we normally read the pulse and the Nadi Chikithsa that was taught today. Only if we read the pulse of more patients and get more experience can we know more about this science...or rather...have more doubts. Right now, there is very little or no doubts to ask. Even when asked whether we have any doubts we dont have any. We will have more doubts only when we start reading pulse more. However, in a very short time, a lot has been taught about what all can be achieved through pulse reading. There are no words that I can say to express my gratitude to Dr. Shaji for this. I will surely attend future classes of Dr. Shaji. Thank you.

During college days, we were taught how to feel the pulse. Like, when one has fever, the pulse rate increases and so on. However, how to precisely know the inbalance in vatha, pitha, kapha was never known. After the class of Dr. Shaji, now I know how to read the pulse properly and diagnose. But, I have not been able to ask a lot of doubts...because, only by experience will we have doubts. I feel very lucky to have know this much from Dr.Shaji and I am very thankful to him. I would like to attend more classes of Dr. Shaji in the future.

The class was excellent. I have heard a lot about nadi. I have heard stories about reading nadi with the help of threads. But, I have never seen this science being used practically...in my life that is. There might be many...like I have heard that there is someone in Bangalore who diagnoses with the help of pulse reading. However, I dont know who this person this even. I am attending a Nadi class for the first time...and, it was good...I really liked it. Thanks.

I did my education at Trivandrum Medical College. I have been practicing for the past 12 years. Many foreigners ask me to do pulse reading...now, I will able to do that. And, I am very thankful for this class.

Before this class commenced, we felt that the fee given was lost..."Krishnarpanamasthu". But, now, after the class, I have to say that the fee is nothing compared to the knowledge that I have got. Now, what is essential is know whether we will get follow up classes. The class was excellent. The charges is not an issue. Actually, the knowledge gained is much more than the amount spent. Thank you.

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